Here's my take on coaching:

  • It’s about offering clients a safe space to explore whatever is important for them. This may be some specific challenge or opportunity in their working or personal lives, or just a sense that 'something doesn't feel quite right'.
  • It’s a process of conversation and reflection. Sometimes there is a clear issue to focus on; sometimes the main challenge is working out what the issue actually is! Or it may simply be space to pause and reflect with no outside pressure or judgement - a mental oasis.
  • Coaching aims to enable and support the changes that allow the client to make the progress they want. This is the client’s space, so the pace, content and process is always under their control.
  • Successful coaching is founded on the relationship between client and coach: creating a non-judgmental, expectation-free, un-pressured rapport that allows the client to speak and be heard knowing that the coach has no attachment to any particular outcome.
  • Coaching aims to support the client through the process of change. Sometimes change is easy, and coaching becomes a place for celebration. Sometimes it's challenging, and coaching becomes a place for support and encouragement.

I think my own style is best illustrated by this email from a client earlier this year (2022):

"Jim is a fantastic coach. He’s incredibly knowledgeable about what motivates you, and takes the time to really listen and understand your concerns.

While he probably knows what is probably bothering you or clogging you from achieving a high level of performance, he walks you through the steps that makes it a process of self-discovery. This is ultimately the most effective way, rather than being told what he thinks is the answer.

I find working with Jim a real pleasure and I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone."


I qualified as an NLP Master Practitioner & Coach with one of the leading UK schools in 2004 and have been a member of the International Coaching Federation since then. I also hold an MBA from the Cranfield School of Management, one of the UK's leading business schools.

I also bring 20 years in technical & management roles in aerospace and telecoms technology companies, and since 2001, I have been running an independent coaching and consultancy practice working with Big Six accounting firms, Magic Circle law firms, global market research consultancies and independent niche consultancies.

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