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We are in the midst of a global cultural shift.

As business owners we need to look to the future: to take the long view. Even though things are uncomfortable, we have this unique opportunity to get ahead of the game and prepare for what comes next.

So here’s the big question: what does best-practice marketing now look like for professional service businesses like yours and mine?

Our success lies in having a joined up sales and marketing system. A systematic, repeatable and practical process supported by the right tools and making the best use of the right channels, be they social media, email, video, phone and, one day, when all this has settled to a New Normal, the face-to-face encounters so crucial to business relationships.

The Professional Funnel System gives you just that: a ready-made template for consistently growing your professional services business, even in difficult and uncertain times. Please download the Blueprint to find out more - it’s completely free. I hope it helps.

Now is not the time to binge-watch Netflix. Now is the time to plan. To prepare.

Because this too will pass.


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For Consultants, Coaches, Trainers and Professional Business Owners

FREE GUIDE reveals how to build your professional influence and authority, reach more prospects, and get more clients - online and offline - without drowning in complexity, without being overwhelmed by technology and without having to work it all out for yourself - even if nobody has ever heard of you!

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Are you a consultant, trainer, coach or professional business owner?

Then perhaps marketing can seem like a very dark art. The vast array of possibilities can make it impossible to see clearly where to even start.

With the Professional Funnel System, marketing specialist and business coach Jim Pirrie reveals a clear, robust, pragmatic model that will do so much more than just help you see through the fog - it will give you a powerful, practical and realistic  template for building your business.

Reach Out

Discover how to use all the available channels in concert to reach more of the right people. Find out how to establish and build an enviable platform for professional credibility, and how to gather highly qualified leads, prospects and clients.


Discover how to seize the moment when a prospect first engages. Find out how to deepen engagement and be front-of-mind when the time comes to buy. And how to position yourself to make buying from you as attractive as possible.


Discover how to convert your prospects into satisfied, loyal clients. Find out how get the most out of today's offerings, and find out how to capitalise on your skills, experience and expertise to open profitable new opportunities.

Don't Re-Invent The Wheel!

I’ve been running my consulting, coaching and training business since 2001. I’ve worked with most of the Magic Circle law firms, two of the Big Four accounting firms, an industry regulator and global consulting firms in the pharma sector. Projects have taken me to Russia, Africa, across Eastern and Western Europe, as well as all over the UK. Before that I spent nearly 20 years leading marketing and product development teams in blue-chip aerospace and telecoms companies.

And I've invested a lot of my own time (and my own money) learning from the best, filtering and testing and experimenting, to create a joined-up marketing system for professional businesses. The end result? The Professional Funnel System. The Professional Funnel System joins up all the essential elements for a powerful, largely autopilot, marketing system. All the essentials. No flim-flam. No guff. No BS. Nothing superfluous or irrelevant. It’s clean, it’s straightforward, it’s effective. And you can implement it easily enough even if your business is just you.

Great businesses are not built by extraordinary people, but by ordinary people doing extraordinary things.

But for ordinary people to do extraordinary things, a system is absolutely essential.

  • - Michael E Gerber, The E-Myth Revisited

“Jim is a superb coach and trainer. His experience and his engaging style matches his proven ability to train others at the highest level.

Nick W


“Jim's guidance was exactly what I needed, incredibly helpful, worthwhile and lots of fun too.

Nicola M


“Jim is an outstanding person. He can change individuals' lives for the better and empower them both personally and professionally with what they need to take the next step in the right direction.

David C


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