Nobody needs a coach.

It's true: it's quite OK to work it all out for yourself.

I mean, that's what we all did before the days of coaching, isn't it?

Figuring it all out. Learning from our successes. Learning even more from our failures (go on, admit it: you had your fair share of cock-ups and disasters).

Tiptoeing round that boss. Butting heads with those colleagues. You know the ones.

So it's true: nobody needs a coach.

Yet if only we'd known...

If only we'd known then what we know now.

If only we had had the sort of coaching and mentoring available to you now.

Experienced people with the time, skills and experience to help you accelerate your personal and professional progress.

People with insight and resources they want to share freely.

People who genuinely want to commit their time to listening without the pressures of the latest deadline.

People who know how to hold a space for you. Explore challenges in complete safety. Guide you to reach your own conclusions for yourself.

No hidden agenda. No conflicts of interest. No looming annual review.

So it's true that nobody actually needs a coach. Yet if only we'd known...

...that if we had one...

...what a difference it would make!

Launching December 2022


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