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Saturday 24 February

From the desk of Jim Pirrie


"The best way to get more clients is to write more good stuff."

True, but what do we need to write?

Tempting to just bang on about who's-who and company news and product data - is that going to help attract new people?


Don't think so.

Reason: potential new clients don't care about that stuff.

They have their own problems and that's what we're here to solve.

But not everyone we want to connect with is in the same place.

...some have never even heard of us.

Not only that - they could well not even be aware they have a problem.

So we need to get information out there (QUESTION: HOW? - come to that later) that appeals to those people, so we can:

  1. Attract the sort of people we want to connect with AND
  2. Educate them about the problem AND
  3. Educate them about possible solution AND
  4. let them know we're here to help.

Is that it?


That's not even half the job.

We need to convince people we can help.

Strike that.

We need give people what they need to convince themselves we can help.

Showing, not telling. Not pushy hard-sell, either - but absolutely compelling enough to show people we know what we're talking about, we're serious players PLUS we get where THEY are coming from.

Why else should we expect people to come to us?

Is that it then?

Not really, no.

The final step is to support and encourage people through the process of doing business with us (that's the point, after all - to get more sales).

We need to bear this in mind:

OK - so, HOW?

Well, it's tempting to think it's all about the web and social media and so on - but there's more to it than that.

It's about web, and email, and print, and face-to-face. Even getting out there on the TV and radio. 

We definitely need a strong, dynamic and flexible web presence though - not a bad place to start. If we had a terrific blog, for example, that would attract a load of traffic, give us a constant stream of content to share on social media - and we could re-purpose a ton of stuff for books and even training products.

Fantastic way to establish and build our credibility and authority - and a great foundation for everything else. Think seriously about this.

More info on the blog thing here

Food for thought.


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