"Jim is a fantastic coach. He’s incredibly knowledgeable about what motivates you, and takes the time to really listen and understand your concerns.

While he probably knows what is probably bothering you or clogging you from achieving a high level of performance, he walks you through the steps that makes it a process of self-discovery. This is ultimately the most effective way, rather than being told what he thinks is the answer.

I find working with Jim a real pleasure and I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone."

MA, Senior Strategy Manager, London

Nobody needs a coach.

It's true: it's quite OK to work it all out for yourself. School of hard knocks. University of life. All that.

I mean, that's what we all did before the days of coaching, isn't it?

Figuring it all out. Learning from our successes. Learning even more from our failures (go on, admit it: you had your fair share of cock-ups and disasters).

Tiptoeing round that boss. Butting heads with those colleagues. You know the ones.

So it's true: nobody needs a coach.

Yet if only we'd known...

If only we'd known then what we know now.

If only we had had the sort of coaching and mentoring available to you now.

Experienced people with the time, skills and experience to help you accelerate your personal and professional progress.

People with insight and resources they want to share freely.

People who genuinely want to commit their time to listening without the pressures of the latest deadline.

People who know how to hold a space for you. Explore challenges in complete safety. Guide you to reach your own conclusions for yourself.

No hidden agenda. No conflicts of interest. No looming annual review.

So it's true that nobody actually needs a coach. Yet if only we'd known...

...that if we had one...

...what a difference it would make!

Launching 30 January 2023


I firmly and passionately believe that coaching is a positive, forward looking and intentional investment in your creation of a fulfilling, rewarding and successful future. But sometimes the time isn't right, or the financial resources aren't there, or the company won't fund it.

And that's why I created the 'Nobody Needs a Coach' podcast.

Because there's a lot you can do by yourself, on your own initiative — as long as you have the right information and encouragement to get you started and keep you going.

The 'Nobody Needs a Coach' podcast is for you if you're interested in coaching and committed to moving yourself forward in your life and career, but aren't in a place where working with a coach in person would work for you. Full of practical, down-to-earth, real-life ideas, strategies and tools that you can take away and use for real in your life and work, right now.

If that's you then pop your email in here and we'll keep you up to date...

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