ATTN: Fellow Small Business Owners, Sole Practitioners and Entrepreneurs...

"Are you STILL avoiding video?"

Many business owners have a sort of visceral horror of being seen on camera. Yet avoiding video could be costing you thousands in lost opportunities. Here's how to get over the hurdle and start to make the most of it...

Now you and I both know how important video is for your business.

It’s a constant surprise to me how many business owners are STILL avoiding video.

Just because there’s that 'video barrier' in the way.

You know...

That terror of picking up a camera...

...even just your phone...

...and clicking the red button.

That visceral horror of being seen on camera.

In fact...

I was speaking to someone about this the other day – a confident, successful business owner - and she said, and I quote, “it’s f****** horrible, frankly”.

Now I don’t know how much a new client is worth to you.

And I don’t know how many sales you are missing out on by still not embracing the video opportunity.

And then there’s the risk that the guy down the road is just about to pick up the camera and get the lead on you and your business.

But the good news is...

...that you're here, reading this.

That means three things.

First, it means you've recognised the problem, and you want to do something about it.

Second, it means you're the sort of person who follows through to seek out something that will help.

And third, just by recognising the problem and seeking out a solution means you're planning to actually do something about it - and that alone sets you apart from 90% of the other people running businesses like yours.

So I have something for you.

It’s a one-day event I call “Video Made Easy”...

...because that’s exactly what it does. It gets you over that all-too-familiar video hurdle so you can confidently create your own video for your business without your blood running cold at the very prospect. You don’t even need to bring a camera. Just turn up on the day.  All you need to bring is an open mind and a willingness to be yourself and give it a go.

  • You get to spend a whole day with a group of like-minded business owners, working with video so you get all the support you want without having to work it all out for yourself.
  • You get to create real video for your business so you have great content for your website or social media right there and then without having to go home and start all over again.
  • You get to work with your own kit, or mine, so you get completely easy with everything without getting overwhelmed by all the technology.
  • You get clear about what equipment you really need, and what you don’t, so you can get yourself up and running quickly without compromising quality and without breaking the bank, however limited your budget.
  • You get to create a simple content strategy for your video so you know what you’re going to actually do with your video, instead of just knowing it’s a good idea buy not knowing quite why.


  • Real-life experience of being in front of the camera in a supportive and warm group of like-minded business owners, which means you get to feel comfortable and confident making your own videos.
  • Clear, simple equipment lists, so you know exactly what you need to have available no matter what your budget, which means you can be confident about getting up and running as soon as you get back to your desk.
  • Hands-on experience with the exact equipment that's on the kit list, so you can be confident you'll know what you're doing when you get back and start creating video for yourself back at base.
  • Personal support from an experienced video creator, so you'll get your questions answered there and then during the day.
  • Real video, created by you for your own business, that you can put up on social media or your website. We might even get it up on the day so you can SEE there and then how much difference it makes to engagement!
  • Coaching from an experienced presentation skills coach, to help you be your best when you're in front of the camera.
  • A Free One-Hour one-to-one coaching call in the week after the workshop to help you implement everything you've learned in your own business
  • Guidance on how to use music - why it's so important and where to find royalty-free music you can legally use on your own videos.
  • Five simple video script templates you can take away and use to fast-track your way to creating your own high-impact, effective videos.
  • The single simple thing you can do that will give you a little-known shortcut to simplifying the process of video creation. This simple trick will save you loads of frustrating and annoying repetitive tasks when you are creating your own videos.

Video is a powerful tool for anyone serious about their business. It's more affordable than ever before, and it's possible to create superb videos with minimal outlay. The only thing that stands in the way for many people is simply this: confidence.

Get over that hurdle and you don't have to worry about finding the right video guy. You don't have to worry about what kit to buy. You don't have to worry about what you look like on camera.

Want to get your ideas, thoughts and insights out on social media right there and then in the most engaging way possible?

Once you're confident and comfortable with creating your own video you can do just that. You can even do it live, if you want!

Want to know you've got just the right kit to do what you want - without spending a fortune or being overwhelmed by all the options?

You'll leave with simple, straightforward lists of what you need to buy - and you'll know it works for you because you'll have been using it all day.

Looking for video content you can use straight away?

You'll leave the workshop with real business video you can post on social media or show on your website. You might even get it out there before you leave!

With Video Made Easy, you'll get real hands-on experience of creating your own videos suing simple equipment within the financial reach of any business owner.

That means you can be up and running, confidently creating your own videos as soon as you get back home so you can start to turbocharge the reach and engagement of your message.

"If you can talk, you can create effective video for your business. Without all the hassle of working it all out for yourself."

The workshop is designed to help you get confident and comfortable, whatever your skill level - and however anxious you are about being in front of a camera.

You don't need to know anything about cameras.

You don't need to know anything about lighting.

You don't even need to know anything about editing!

Anyone can create great video - it's just a question of getting over the 'video barrier' that so many people struggle with. And the best way to do that is in a friendly, supportive environment where we can all help each other through those camera nerves and enjoy the inevitable bloopers along the way

Say Goodbye to those Camera Anxieties

It's undeniable that video is being adopted by more and more businesses, and nobody likes being left behind. Unfortunately, many, many business owners are losing out simply because they are too anxious to give video a proper go. Guess what. The business down the road is just about to pick up a camera and get the lead on you...

That's why you need to grasp the video opportunity now. You need to get video out there on social media. You need to get video up on your web site. And I don't mean the usual generic guff. I mean video that really does engage people because it has YOU at its heart. Your experience. Your insights. Your 'take' on the world.

"How Much Is It Costing You to 'Stay Safe' and Carry On Ignoring Video in Your Business?"

When you consider everything you get with Video Made Easy...

...proper time on-camera, experience using the equipment, equipment lists, coaching from an experienced professional and even real video you can take away and use...

...Video Made Easy is an incredible value.

Not only do you get to break through the Video Barrier.

You also get Bonus #1 which is a clear list of all the equipment you need to get hold of to get you started as quickly and easily as possible. Just this alone could save you days of messing about and hundreds of pounds spent on equipment you don’t need.

Then there’s the question of what next. How about when you’ve outgrown the basic equipment, so Bonus #2 is a clear list of the ‘Next Step’ equipment. A simple list of some of the equipment to consider when you decide to upgrade and move things to the next level. And when you’re moving to the next level this list could help you save thousands in mis-spent budget, as well avoiding the headache of working out what to look for and saving you days of research time.

And then there’s the question of how to use video to best effect on your website, on social media and in your marketing process. So Bonus #3 is a free content planning session with me, either face-to-face or remotely. You get to sit down with me for a full hour and I’ll explain exactly what you need to do to make video work for you in your business. By the end of this session you will have a plan in place that could transform the way you reach out, engage and convert new clients.

AND I GUARANTEE you'll feel more confident and comfortable creating your own video once you've been on this workshop.

Rather than ask whether you can afford it, the real question is:

Can you afford NOT to book your place?

Can you afford to carry on as you are?

...Carry on avoiding video, and watching your competition steal a march on you

...Carry on paying out to video guys every time you want a video for social media or your website

...Carry on having your blood run cold every time you look at the confusing array of equipment available out there

...Carry on being held back and frustrated at yourself because you feel so anxious about being on camera

...Carry on settling for your marketing not having the impact and reach it could have - and that you NEED it to have

I speak to so many people who completely understand that video is a massive opportunity for their business, yet who are help back for no other reason than a lack of confidence.

I want to help as many people as possible
to get over that barrier, and fully embrace the
possibilities that video creates.

To that end, I'm making it available regularly
and in various locations around the UK

I don't know how much your time is worth, but if you think about how long it would take you to do the research and work out for yourself what kit to buy, how to set up, how to shoot and how to edit it could run into thousands. And if you stay stuck with the sort of anxiety that stops you in your tracks every time you face a lens then the truth is it could be costing the future of your business - especially when the businesses around you are embracing video with enthusiasm.

Here's what to do now
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Satisfaction Guaranteed...


The point of this workshop is to get people through the 'video barrier' - feeling more confident and comfortable making their own videos to help grow their business.

I am 100% confident that the journey we experience together during the day of the workshop will achieve that, and I'm happy to give a very straightforward guarantee to that effect.

If you fully engaged in the workshop yet still feel no more comfortable and confident than you did at the beginning of the day, you would be welcome to come back for another "Video Made Easy" workshop at no charge. And the same guarantee will apply to that one too!