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These workshops are designed to overcome four big barriers holding back many business owners: the fear of 'selling'; the fear of reaching out to strangers; the fear of speaking in public; and the fear of being on video.

Our small-group workshops give you powerful training in a safe, supportive environment plus loads of encouragement and coaching right there and then. And that means you have skills you can use as soon as you get back...


Present with Presence and Style

This is a Public Speaking workshop like no other!

Even if you're the most timid presenter, by the end of the day I guarantee you'll have a genuine and reliable sense of confidence and presence when you find yourself on your feet to speak. And you will have had a lot of fun along the way!

We draw on my personal experience of theatre training, storytelling, impro, voice coaching and even clowning. We cut through the unhelpful myths, build your confidence, and allow your true personality to shine through. You'll discover easy ways to get out of trouble when things go wrong, and how to deal elegantly with difficult audiences.

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Scared and nervous business woman under video lights and microphone about to be interviewed on camera.

Video Chops

If being faced with a camera makes your blood run cold, and seeing yourself on video makes you cringe then this workshop is for you (and you're not alone, by the way).

In this workshop we spend a day in our friendly video studio here in Sussex doing two things. The first is simply getting you comfortable in front of the camera.

And the second is getting you fluent, natural and convincing in the styles of video you actually want to create. Getting your 'chops', as they might say in the world of the performing arts.

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Reach Out with Confidence


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Permission-Based Selling


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