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Tuesday 20 February

TO: Front Line


Of course the most cost-effective way to get more sales is to do more business with people we do business with already.

Let's take that as a given.

And we'll re-visit it when we talk about 'Getting More Leads' and 'Getting More Sales'


We still need to keep the pump primed - we always need new people coming to us.

Trouble is, most people have never heard of us.

It's a bit like moving to a new town where you don't know anyone.

So: question:

How do you meet people and make friends?


You work out where the sort of people you want to know might hang out...

...and then you show up there consistently and put a bit of effort and commitment into striking up conversations and building the relationships you want.

In other worrd - be SEEN.

Same in business.

Three things then.

First, get clear on who you want to connect with.

Second, work out where they hang out.

Third, be SEEN there.

Could be online - could be real places.

Then the trick is to create the information assets - the content - that will support you in making contact and striking up the right sort of relationship.

Remember, though - it's a process.

No point trying to make the sale too soon (actually that could wreck your chances).

This is about awareness and relationship.

About being interesting and relevant.

About being authoritative and credible.

And helpful.

And when you reach that point, the relationship can move on...

For now, though, just focus on building a base of content that will support this very earliest stage of the relationship.

And that means:

  • Content to help you get found by the sort of people you want to connect with
  • Content to attract the attention of the sort of people you want to connect with
  • Content to educate people about the problem
  • Content to establish you as credible

And for many businesses, the starting point for all that can very usefully be your blog.

Hope that helps!

Jim Pirrie
Content Marketing Strategist

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