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The Programme

A small group of like-minded business owners gather together for two days every two months to explore new ideas, swap experiences, support each other and, most important, take time out to get hands-on and get stuff done.

Part training event, part boardroom, part implementation boot camp, the Business Development Programme is an open-ended programme focused on helping you design, build and grow a truly flourishing, rewarding business.

And as a Programme Member, get get full access to The Club and The Vault as well.

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The Club

It can be hard to keep focused on developing your business in all the hurly-burly of every day. Yet it's so important to keep an eye on the future as well as taking care of today's business.

The Business Development Club is a great way to do that. Each month we gather on a Zoom call to explore important, practical ideas to help move your business forward, and help keep the energy and inspiration alive.

And as a Club Member you get full access to The Vault as well.

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The Vault

It's all too easy to keep re-inventing the wheel - especially if you're the sort of business owner who craves variety. So imagine if you had a ready and growing resource of proven templates and processes you could use as a starting block for your creativity.

And if you crave order, then here's a ready-made reservoir you can call upon, to take away and customise for your own business.

Either way, the Business Development Vault can be an important resource for you and your business. A growing range of templates, processes and online trainings to support the growth of your business.

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The Network

Business networking can be a bit of a mixed bag. Sometimes too formal and rigid, sometimes too informal and ineffective.

So we are introducing the Business Development Network to bridge the gap, piloting the idea in Sussex to see how we get on!

We feel it's important for everyone to speak. We feel it's important not to make everyone eat Bacon and Eggs. And we feel it's important to give everyone the opportunity to have focused meetings.

So breakfast is optional, the structure is purposeful, and it's the perfect way to deepen your relationships with the local business community.

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The Monday Marketing Club

Every business should have a newsletter of some sort, and mine is called the Monday Marketing Club.

Actually it's really a membership in it's own right, because the video content I produce is practical and relevant, and it builds into a valuable resource in its own right.

And all the time you are a member of the Monday Marketing Club you get access to the special area of The Vault, so you can browse through the videos to your hearts content if you want to re-visit an idea you saw way back.

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