About Jim Pirrie

Any of these ring a bell?...


“I haven’t started my business yet. Help me set off on the right foot…"

“Business is patchy and my marketing is sporadic! Help me put an effective system in place…"

“My business is doing OK, but it’s limited: all the client work is on me! Help me make my business more scaleable…"

“Business is flourishing! Help me take it to the next level…"


And there’s another challenge: you want to be independent: you want to run a lean, responsive, satisfying business. On your own terms, with as few overheads as possible, and minimal staff.

After all, that’s what drove you from your corporate cubicle, right?

From lead-generation through sales to sustaining long-term relationships, you want simple, reliable, measurable processes. Repeatable processes that take care of themselves.

Processes that leave you free for the client work you love - that your clients love you for.

There’s no one-size fits-all solution, of course, and there’s no magic wand.

But there are common principles.

I help self employed professionals get (and keep) more clients by offering training, mentoring and implementation support to build clear, purposeful sales and marketing processes through your client journey.

When you face the Big Seven problems:


Losing out on price

The Bottom-Line Boneshaker

Lead-Generation Roulette

The Grand Illusion

Friction burns

Invisible Man Syndrome

The Grasshopper Trap...


…a clear, systems approach help you easily avoid them all.

So if B2B lead generation is a pressing problem for you right now, or your marketing is sporadic and ineffective, or you are so busy doing client work you don’t have time to work ON your business, then let’s talk!


Jim Pirrie BSc(hons) MBA
Business Coach, Trainer and Mentor


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